WK15 – Artist – Troy Rounseville


For the last week’s artist post, I chose to write about Troy’s Rounseville’s art work. In his statement, he states that he wanted to “[explore] the disjunction between our physical embodied experience and its translation through technological mediation.” If you look at the picture, there are instruments laid down on the support fixtures with all kinds of wires connected to them. It looks little bit strange at first, but you will realized why there are so many wires connected to the instrument if you actually went into the gallery.

The first impression of the art work when I walked into the gallery was “it’s noisy.” There was sound coming out from the gallery and I thought the music was turned on in the room. However, after 5 seconds I realized that the drum, guitar, and piano were making the sounds. No one was controlling any of those instruments but they were making sounds by themselves by the electric power. It was fascinating to watch instrument making sound by themselves because it is not a rare thing to see. Like how it is stated in Rounseville’s statement, his art work showed how “physical embodied experience and its translation through technological mediation.”

This art work was exhibited in the art gallery but I think there should be some engineering knowledge background to create this kind of art piece. It is not just a simple painting or sculpture, but it needs electric and wires to make the instrument sound by itself. I believe that the artist had some engineering background or something. It is amazing to see something like this because art and science technology are combined into one piece of art. I think this art work represents today’s modern art very well. I would like to look up more works of Rounseville and see how he connected art and today’s technology in his works.


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