WK13 – Artist – Post Synthesis

wk12 (1)

This week, I decided to write about Post Synthesis. The one whole gallery was only for Post Synthesis, which was really great to see many various paintings. There were about ten art pieces in the gallery and I was intrigued by the drawings and colors the paintings used.

wk12 (2)

This was one of the arts that intrigued me. The painting reminded me of my old days when I used to be in elementary school. I was in Korea when I was in elementary school and the village I lived in looked similar to this painting. Not the buildings or roads but the mood was pretty similar in the winter. In Korea, it snows so all the roads and buildings were gray-ish and white-ish. I remember one time I was walking on the pedestrian board and the board was all frozen with ice that I could not even walk properly. Although it was very dangerous, I was pretty happy with the coldness since I love winter with snow.

I sometimes still think about going back to Korea where I used to live. I have many friends of mine there and I still keep in touch with them. I wonder how my elementary school would look like today, and how the houses and parks changed. This painting made me to flashback into my old days and gave me nostalgic feelings. I would pick this painting as one of the best painting I have seen in the gallery.


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