WK12 – Activity – Teach One

picsart logoSince I do not have any “talents” do make up or create something, I would like to introduce an app that helps you to edit your pictures with various effects/filters with other functions involved. The app I would like to introduce is PicsArt. It is really useful when you want to give some effects to your pictures to make it look “cooler.” I use this app often to make my pictures–especially pictures of landscapes– look better or to explore other great pictures that people uploaded on the app.


When you first click the app this opening page appears. It shows Effects, Collage, Draw, Camera, Photo, and Shop. And on top of the app, there are small icons that shows different page other that the opening page. In the Effect category, you get to select a picture from your gallery or take a new picture and give some effects to it. There are various of filters and you can even draw on the picture the way you want to. For Collage category, you get to collage 3-4 pictures the way you want and it gives you options. For Draw category, you get to draw on a blank note or on your picture. It gives you different types of pens so that you can be more detailed with your drawing. For Camera category, you get to take pictures with it, and for Photo category, you get to choose your own picture that you want to edit. You get to shop in the Shop category, and there are some items that you need to pay in order to use it.


These show the different page of the app. As I mentioned before, there are small icons on the very top of the app and each of them shows different page. First page shows you own page/blog. It asks you to create an account to post up your pictures and share with other users. Since I did not create my account yet, it asks me to create one. Second page shows the pictures that are in trend or popular. Third page is the page that appears when you open the app and fourth page shows different contests that you can participate with your pictures. There are no fees involved, you just need to submit your picture and the users vote the ones that they think it is the best. Fifth page shows hashtags or artists.

I hope this app helps you to create more interesting and awesome photos. You can share it to people by using this app. Good luck with this app 🙂


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