WK12 – Activity Feedback – EC

SO, since I want the extra credit, I decided to do a 4th post 🙂

My 3 favorite activities :
Instagram : I never had a class that asked me to post pictures on Instagram to show others how my typical day is like. It was really interesting to have such a activity for the few first weeks. I actually had fun trying to find good place or good things to post on my Instagram and my friends were very supportive to be in the picture.
Kickstarter : Although the kickstarter video for our group was PRETTY bad, I had fun watching other kickstarter projects on the website. I did not know there is such thing like kickstarter, where people uploaded their video that advertise projects or products to raise funds. It was very interesting and I believe that the website will be useful for me in the future.
Plaster Casting : This activity actually made me go to the beach! It was during summer–but not very hot–, and it gave me an excuse to spend my time at the beach with my friends. Doing a plaster casting was fun and hanging out at the beach was more fun! Just the fact that I can go to the beach makes this activity AWESOME!

My 3 least favorite activities :
Vlog : Well, it was pretty interesting to make a video that introduces me and my blog, but I think that there can be other ways to represent myself and my blog than making a video. Maybe I can photograph something that intrigued me and post that on my ABOUT page so that people can know better what I am interested in and what I like.
Drawing : Since I do not use any Apple device for my phone, I could not download the FrenchGirls App to do this activity. I really wanted to post up my picture on FrechGirls and see how others draw me, but I did not get that opportunity. I think it would be better if there is other activity that can be drawing but not using the app since there are people who cannot use the app.
Counterfactual Identity : This was not too bad, but since I am introvert, it was little bit embarrassing for me to go up to random people and ask them what I would major in. However, it was good to know how others can see you differently if you dress up totally different from what you used to dress up like.

I would like to say that this was the BEST art class I have ever had. I mean, SERIOUSLY. When I first enrolled this class as my GE, I thought it would be just drawing and painting since that was what I thought the ‘art’ would be like, but doing many different kinds of activities and look at various artists’ art piece was just so amazing. It is also an easy A class if I do all my works on time. I think the class is perfect right now, so I do not believe there are any more things need to make it better. Explanations that the professor gives us before the activities were really helpful and it made me to think and plan better what I should do for that week. Thank you for Professor Glenn, and I just LOVE your class so much! 😉


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