WK11 – Artist – Romania Del Castillo


For this week, I chose Castillo’s art pieces to write on my blog. She had total eight pieces of work and one of the four galleries was entirely for her art pieces. Each of the piece has its name but the entire work is called Shifting Focus.


Castillo’s pieces intrigued me because it was all about portrait. There were total eight portraits — actually one of them was just lines of colors but anyways — and it was very detailed. Each portrait showed different facial expressions with different mood and by looking at it, I could almost tell how each person in the picture felt like. It was pretty big so the textures and lines were very detailed, too.

Castillo states that she only used charcoal, chalk, and pastel to draw. I have used charcoal or pastel to draw but never used chalk. I was fascinated how she could be so detailed by only using those because it is pretty hard to draw detail drawings by using those medium that do not need water. I loved the way she used the colors and her purpose of each portrait was clearly shown.

I would like to look for more of her works since the portraits are awesome. I love the way she uses the materials and express people’s feelings that clearly and detailed.


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