WK10 – Artist – Dao, Freed, and Li


This week’s art piece that I chose to write about is actually by three artists — that is why I put three last names in the title –. It is by Sophia Dao, Maggie Freed, and Yee Li. The name of the piece is Trepidation.

This art piece is not actually a one piece, but there are ten pieces that turn out as a one piece. The artists numbered each piece up to 15 – 1, 2, and 7 was by Maggie Freed, 3-6 by Yee Li, and 8-15 by Sophia Dao. Interesting thing was that Freed and Li did not have titles for their pieces but Dao had titles for every single of her piece. And she worked on more than half out of the 15 pieces. Dao’s titles were very simple – all one word – but it seemed like it had contained very unique meaning in those names.

In the artist statement, it says the artists wanted to express the feelings of space on canvas. Each piece do not have certain formation but it is more like of a abstract painting. It is mostly drawn by lines and shapes which does not show the exact object. Some are painted by different types of red but most of them used colorful colors to show the artists’ feeling.

When I think about space, I usually get fascinated by how the whole universe was created. Earth that we are living on is just a small planet — actually very small compare to other planets in the solar system — and there are more planets outside of the solar system and outside of the galaxy that we live in. I cannot even imagine how larger the space is and how long it will take for human beings to know every parts of the space. I heard that space is even expanding these days so that will make the space much larger.

From people who got to explore space — astronauts or VERY rich people — says that space is the most beautiful thing they have seen in their life. Although it is all dark and black, the stars and planets were shining everywhere and all the phenomenons that were going on in the space was just incredible. I don’t know if people in the 21st century will be able to travel space like we travel to other countries, but I hope we can before I pass away. When I think about the whole universe, it always reminds me how small the human beings are and how we are just a very small part of the space that the space itself won’t even care about when we disappear.

I would like to paint abstract paintings about space later on since I do have many thoughts and feelings about space. Space is something that we still have tons of things left to explore and before we get to know all the secrets of space, we will still have the mysterious feeling and imagine our own picture of space.


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