WK9 – Artist – Noura Kaddora


River and Tree of Life by Noura Kaddora

This week’s art piece that intrigued me is River and Tree of Life by Noura Kaddora. This piece was in the first gallery I entered which just caught my attention right away. It is drawn with acrylic using vivid and colorful colors.

When I was in junior high school, I used to learn drawing. I would go to an art academy after school and draw what I was assigned by the teacher. I had gone to the academy for almost 5 years since elementary school so I was very familiar with the process. Most of the time I drew with pencils, water paints, or poster paints but as the time went by the teacher told me to draw with acrylic paints. I had seen other high school or college people drawing with oil paints so I thought acrylic paints and oil paints were the same. However, acrylic paint was something easier than oil paints and it did not have bad odor like oil paints did.

The piece above reminds me of the time when I actually drew with paints on my white canvas. Although I was not as professional as Kaddora but I believe that I had some thoughts going around in my mind when I was drawing. I had about 3-4 pieces drawn by acrylic but today I only have one left. It’s kind of sad that I do not get to see my old art works anymore.

I wonder why there is a cross in the middle of the piece. Is it trying to symbolize the peace of nature? The name of the art piece tells lots of things ; by saying river and tree of ‘life,’ maybe it is trying to say that nature has a power of healing. The spot where the cross is might be a grave of someone and the trees and river is protecting or covering the grave from other outside hindrance. A red fruit dangling on the tree might be symbolizing the harvest which tells us that trees or nature gives life to not only people but also to inanimate object. Although the fruit is not ‘alive,’ it gives the power to the fruit to grow itself.

This piece reminded me to draw more and made me to miss the times of my elementary and junior high school days. I do not have enough tools or equipments to draw right now — this is why I usually draw with pencils or color pencils these days — but in the future I will have enough time and equipments to draw. I am going to start my actual drawing someday and I wish I can finish my art piece like Kaddora’s.


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