WK8 – Activity – E-Portfolio

My Previous Blog Format


I actually liked my previous blog format because it looked very simple and clean. It did not have post after post but just simply pictures and viewers can click on the pictures they want to read about. However, I felt like I have to give some change for this activity, so I changed my blog format into ‘original’ format.

Changed Blog Format


It is just like the normal blogs that have all posts in one page and the viewers have to scroll down. It might seem uncomfortable but it is good to read the posts in order. I named my blog “Dreams and Moments” since I am going to post many things related to my future dreams and many moments in my life. The fireworks picture of the header is not the given one, I got it from somewhere else and set it has my header picture.

Since I am majoring in nursing, there aren’t many things to post on blogs. I do not have any nursing related experience yet so I have to find out what kind of posts would help with my future and careers.

I like to draw and photograph. It is nothing expert but just doing it for hobby. I used to learn drawing in elementary school and junior high school. I learned all different styles of drawing and I am confident to say that learning drawing was one of my happiest moments in my life. For photographing, I do not have DSLR or any other fancy camera equipments but just my digital camera. It would be good to have advanced cameras in order to take better pictures, but I think taking pictures with digital camera also have its own feeling and mood. When I do not have my digital camera, I just use my phone (haha nothing special). I like to take pictures of people, landscapes, and skies.

For now I am using this blog to submit my art homework, but I would really love to use it even after this semester. I think the fact that I have my own home page which I can manage and change settings the way I want is very awesome. I hope this blog can represent my personality and characteristic, and show my passion about my dreams.


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