WK8 – Artist – Kiyomi Fukui


This week’s artist I am going to talk about is Kiyomi Fukui. She is an artist of the art piece shown above.

The picture above shows a small cute table that has ‘stuff’ on it. When I first saw this, I could tell that it was some kind of ‘Japanese style.’ It does not mean anything bad, for me when I think of Japan or Japanese, I always have these cute images floating in my head. Japan is very famous for small art pieces such as dolls or china and this art piece reminded me those kind of images.

This kind of table is very familiar to me because I have one of those table at home. It is my mom’s and she uses it to just stack her things on the table. However, I know that those kind of tables are old-fashioned ones, and my mom used to tell me how elegance the tables were. Long time ago, I had another table that looked like that but I could open and close the table. When I was young I did not know it was a table and I thought it was just a drawer or furniture.

I love Japanese arts. When I think of Japanese arts, there is this warm feeling that always comes into my mind. I don’t know if it is because the Japanese movies I watched were all about romance and that stuck into my mind or something, but image of blossom trees and flowers pops in my head. Fukui’s art piece gave me very comfort, warm feeling, too.

I somehow found her twitter (twitter.com/kiyomimiz) and there were many great pieces that she had made. First thing that caught my attention was the theme of her twitter ; it was very clean and simple. Her profile picture was also unique because it was a picture of her lips drawing. I followed her twitter instantly since her pieces were the styles that I like.

Thank you for Fukui giving me an opportunity to look at her cute, fancy art pieces and I even got to follow her twitter! I really look forward to her future works and I will be up to date with her new art pieces.


This is my mom’s table that is similar to Fukui’s art piece.


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