WK7 – Activity – Painting


This week’s activity was to paint graffiti, writing my name in bubble shaped letters. Since I could not go to the Venice Beach, I decided to work on a plain paper. I looked up the video that was uploaded on beacharts.ca to figure out how to write bubble shaped graffiti. It was easier than I thought. I just had to write out my name in capital letters — does not have to be capitalized, but it looks better if it is all capitalized — and then draw ovals around those letters. I failed my first try since I drew the ‘R’ wrong, so the picture above was done at my second try.

I also looked up other graffiti videos on YouTube, and I could see many other art works in those videos. One of the videos that intrigued me was the one that showed some artists drawing a landscape on the wall in graffiti version. The colors were so fascinating that it did not look like a landscape, but there were details that showed the characteristics of landscapes. I think the most coolest thing about graffiti is that you can create whatever you want and use whatever color you want to use. The drawing does not have to be drawn the way we were taught to, but just develop any other drawing styles to create your own world.


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