WK7 – Artist – Colette Brown

1009141103 (1)

For this week’s art piece, I decided to write about Colette Brown’s sculpture. Honestly, it smelled pretty bad when I first walked int, but after all I got used to the smell. Despite the bad smell, the piece was very interesting and wanted to write about it.

It first reminded me the scene of rocks laid down everywhere on the sand. To me the white spheres looked like rocks and it seemed like it might be near some lakes or ponds. I read the paragraphs that was attached to the wall, and Brown talks about ‘frogs’ in her paragraphs. I did not fully understand her words, but I could figure it out that she was thinking a pond that the dead frog lived in.

When I was young, I used to go to small lakes or ponds to hang out with my families. Since the piece looked like rocks and sand to me, it reminded of my childhood, the time I spent with my families over the summer. I love to swim so I used to race with my brother and dad and the person who lost always had to buy ice creams to the family members. Since our family do not have that much time to go somewhere like that anymore, I miss those days when I was just having fun with my family.

This week’s art pieces were all very intriguing and especially Brown’s piece made me to remind my childhood memories. It was a pleasure to look at all these amazing pieces and I look forward for the next week’s art pieces.


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