WK6 – Artist – Isaiah Ulloa

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This week’s art piece that I found interesting was one of the sculpture of Labyrinth by Isaiah Ulloa.

First thing that caught my attention was snow. I could immediately tell that the white medium is trying to show us the snow and a person lying on it. It was simple but beautiful at the same time. There was not many colors involved but only white and brown (wood), there was some strong emotions that brought into my mind. I remembered a story about hikers who hike Everest Mountains or other mountains sometimes die in the snow because of the weather and harsh environment. The art piece of a person lying down on the snow reminded me that story and looked like he is all covered with snow.

Ulloa said there is no name for this art piece because he wants people to think about it themselves. He wants others to have some feelings toward his piece. He said these two pieces are created with foam and wax. Ulloa and his team was amazed how modern technology could be used to create art. The laying body is Ulloa and when he laid down, his team used laptop to scan his body and then put it into a machine. The machine carved out the body in the foam. I did not even think of them using technology to make such an art piece like this. It sounded really amazing.

I think it is a good idea to not have a name of the art piece and let others to guess about it. One of the fun of looking at art pieces is to think about what the piece is trying to interpret and tell us. When the piece has a name then we can kind of assume what it is about, but if there is no name then we can think about it deeper and conclude with our own thoughts. I like how Ulloa and his team tried to connect the modern technology with art and let people to have their own thoughts about art.


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