WK5 – Classmate Interview – Renato Muralles

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So this week I had a pleasure interviewing my another classmate, Renato Muralles (renatomuralles.wordpress.com)! He is a freshman who is majoring in linguistic. I forgot to take a picture with him, so I decided to post a picture that I like.

On Thursday when I was looking around the galleries, my friend Cynthia came up to me and asked if her friend can interview me. I was glad to meet another new person to interview, so I said yes. Renato was really nice and polite, and always had a smile on his face. It was really nice to interview him.

First thing I asked was his name — Renato Muralles — and then what he is majoring in. When he said his major is linguistic, I was a bit confused because I was not sure what linguistic major was. He said it is mostly about languages, roots of words, and basically everything that relates to literacy. I thought it is really cool since in high school, I had a fun time finding out the roots of the words in my English class. I asked him what if he wants to do anything that is related to linguistic in the future and he said he might change his major to economics and minor in business. He is not sure what he really wants to do.

Renato was born in America but lived in Guatemala until seven years old. His family is from Guatemala and his grandparents used to farm there. I had never known anyone whose family had a farm so I asked him how it was like to hang around the farm and he said it was pretty fun but do not remember many things since he was very young back then. His favorite singers are J. Cole and Pacific Division, and his favorite TV shows are The Office, Top Gear, and Guy Code. He also asked me if I have any favorite singers or TV shows but since I do not really listen to musics or watch TV, I said I do not have any. He seemed pretty surprised with that (it does not mean I do not like watching TV or listening to musics, I just do not know much of those).

After the interview, we looked around the gallery talking about what art pieces we like and what we do not like. Again, it was really nice to interview him and I am glad that I got to know another person in that class.


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