WK5 – Artist – Enas Abdelkhaleq


I do not know why but this piece just drew my attention at the first sight. A girl wearing hijab and staring at the camera. There were many other fancy, meaningful pictures in the galleries but this simple and honest picture looked very strong and determined to me.

This picture did not have a title but it was actually the picture of the artist herself. I could not find the artist so I did not get to interview her, but instead I found a short paragraph next to the picture that Abdelkhaleq wrote. She is from Palestine and was forced to leave her country when she was 14. She still misses her country and wants to help Palestine to gain liberty.  She says Palestine is her ultimate goal and paradise in her life and wants to make herself proud of fighting for a free and just world.

During the whole summer I saw the news that Israel and Palestine are having war. At first I thought it does not really matter to me since I am living in America and there is no reason for me to go to Palestine or Israel. However, after I saw the video of young kids and babies getting attacked by the armed soldiers, I could not pretend like I do not care what was going on in that country. I started looking up all the news or videos that showed the situation of Palestine and Israel war, and I realized it was much brutal than I thought. I have never experienced the war so I will never know how devastated people will feel. But by just looking at the videos and pictures of the war made my heart beat faster and it was very shocking.

I do not know why Abdelkhaleq had to be forced to leave her country but the war that was happening during the summer reminded me after reading her short paragraph. War is one of the things that should never happen around the world. I hope the war between those two countries can be over and people find peace in their lives.


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