WK4 – Artist – Jeannette Viveros

Utterly Pink by Jeannette Viveros

Utterly Pink by Jeannette Viveros

This week, I have seen one of the most ‘prettiest’ art piece in the gallery. I was just fastinated to walk into this gallery and see the art. The whole room was covered with pink fur and this fur made the room full of pinkish light. Girls can’t deny the beautifulness of pink. When I saw this art piece, it just grabbed my attention right away.

The color pink in the room gave me the feeling of warmth. The fur was very soft and the hooks dangling from the ceiling gave the feeling of the fantasy world. According to the artist, Jeannette Viveros, pink shows the social expectations to women. People think that women should be soft and caring to others despite not all women are like that. The hooks represents the ‘inner personality’ of women’s strength and will. She was inspired by one of the episode in Spongebob (although she does not like Spongebob) which Spongebob and Patrick played around the hook. The hooks looked very dangerous so I did not go near those, and later I found out that these hooks are used for fishing.

This art piece might be one of my favorite since I used to love the color pink. When I was young, I would never use a fork or a spoon that was not colored pink. My dresses, shirts, and shoes always had to be pink so that I would look pretty. Although this piece shows that social expectations of women do not always match with all women, I still love the soft and cozy feeling of pink. It was very nice to meet Jeannette and I would like to see her other pieces.


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