WK2 – GLAMFA Artist – Shelbi Schroeder

Indefinite Obsession

                                                         Indefinite Obsession by Shelbi Schroeder

This week during the exhibition, I discovered Shelbi Schroeder’s(http://www.shelbischroeder.com/Indefinite Obsession. When I first saw this piece, it gave me many feelings. I could not describe what was going on in the picture, but it just instantly drew my attention. A shirtless woman is showing her back to the front and covering her body with her arms. She looks afraid of showing herself to the public. The background is quite messy with blankets and clothes all over her bed. The mood of the piece is quite dark and gloomy.

The title Indefinite Obsession gives me the feeling of desiring something. Since the woman is covering her body and showing her back to the front, maybe she has a desire of having good looks. The woman is considered fatter than what today’s girls will think as ‘good looking.’ Maybe she does not want to show her appearance since it is not what people see as today’s ‘standard looking,’ and wants to get away from her situation.

It is always very interesting and fun to see artists’ art pieces and think about what the pieces are trying to show and tell to the public. It was pleasure to look around many awesome GLAMFA artists’ works, and hope I can see these artists in other times again.


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