WK 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Evan Trine


I do not know lot about art, but I do like looking at art pieces and think about what the pieces are trying to show us. Visiting the gallery was very interesting and I enjoyed looking at different art pieces by various artists, not only from California State University, Long Beach, but also from other colleges.

The most intriguing art piece was Evan Trine’s The Vegetable Man in the Vegetable Van. First thing that drew my attention was color. Very bright using pink, purple, and yellow, but also very dark using dark blue, dark purple, and black. It was very mysterious and unique. On Evan Trine’s website http://evantrine.com, this piece is posted upside down from the piece at the show. However, it still gives the feeling of uniqueness and colorfulness to the viewers.

After exploring the artists’ works, I enjoyed viewing their perspective of arts and was great to see awesome art pieces. By knowing the artist Evan Trines, I think I would be a fan of his pieces because I just love his techniques and usage of colors.


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